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Mini Mahina Kai's Little Lion Dog

Lowchen - Little Lion Dog


A small, bright, and lively dog that originated as a companion breed in Pre-Renaissance Europe where ladies of the court groomed it in the likeness of a little lion. http://www.mahinakai.com/images/stories/img_0271.jpg" height="268" hspace="8" align="right" border="8" vspace="8" width="200">Breed characteristics are a compact, balanced body; a relatively short, broad topskull and muzzle; and a proud, lively gait that accentuates the lion cut with a long flowing mane. These quintessential features, combined with an outgoing and positive attitude, result in a dog of great style.

The Lowchen are referenced in words and photos as far back as the mid 15th Century. Lowchen are quite possibly from Germany, although for many years it was believed to have ist origin in the Mediterranean. Regardless of origin, we know that the Lowchen has been a distinct breed for over 400 years. For unknown reasons the breed nearly disappeared in the 19th Century. Tireless efforts by Madam Bennert, a Belgian, ensured the breed's continued existence. Dr. Hans Rickert succeeded Madam Bennert, and in fact his Von Den Drei Lowchen supplied the foundation stock for England and The United States. A small, bright and lively dog, the Lowchen is a companion breed of great style.

General Appearance:
Intelligent, affectionate small dog of lively character which embodies in itself the characteristics of a companion dog. The coat is clipped in the traditional poodle style, the tail being completely clipped except for a plume at the end, so that the silhouette resembles that of a small lion.
HEAD: Short; fairly broad skull.
Nose: Black, well placed and in extension of the nasal bridge.
Eyes: Round, large, with intelligent expression, dark colour.
Ears: Pendant, long and well-fringed.
BODY: Short and well-proportioned.
Tail: Moderately long, clipped apart from the tuft in the shape of a plume at the end.
LEGS: Straight, slender.
Feet: Small and round.
Fairly long and wavy, but not curly.
Colour: All colours are permitted, may be single coloured or spotted, except brow coats (chocolate, liver) and all derivatives of this colour.
Height at withers 25 - 32 cm
Weight: 4 - 8 kg.
FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.
Head: Too long; insufficiently broad skull.
Nose: Spotty pigmentation, any colour other than black; upturned foreface (nose pointing upwards).
Eyes: Small, almond-shaped, bulging, light-coloured eyes; unsteady gaze or malicious expression.
Ears: Too short, insufficient or no fringes.
Body: Too long, lacking harmony or solidity.
Tail: Too long, too short.
Legs: Turned-out or bowed legs.
Feet: Flat, long or splayed.
Coat: Too short, curly or straight.
Dogs not clipped in accordance with the standard are to be excluded from judging.
Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.